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Hyoscyamus albus, White Henbane

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Botanical name: Hyoscyamus albus
Synonym: Hyoscyamus canariensis, Hyoscyamus clusii, Hyoscyamus luridus, Hyoscyamus major, Hyoscyamus minor, Hyoscyamus varians
Common name: White Henbane
Family: Solanaceae
Native to: South Europe and southern West-Asia
Life cycle: annual or biennial
Flower colour: yellow
Flower time (Central / West-Europe): June to August
Height: 35cm
Characteristics and usage: medicinal & poison plant, Hyoscyamus is one of the most important magical plants of ancient Europe. It was a common admixture to witches brews and a primary ingredient in "witch's flying ointments", a potent deliriant salve that enabled witches to engage in supernatural flights. Used were the seeds and the fresh or dried herb. Active Constituents: Tropane alkaloids - hyoscyamine, scopolamine, atropine. All parts of Henbane are highly toxic!
Weight of 1000 seeds: 0,4g
Seeds per gram: 2500
Cultivation / direction of sowing: sow seed directly where it is to grow. Germination starting 8-10 days at 20°C.

seedpack (approx 100 seeds)

Hyoscyamus albus, White Henbane

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