Brugmansia arborea, Angel trumpet

Botanical name: Brugmansia arborea
Synonym: Datura arborea, Datura cornigera
Common name: Angel's trumpet
Family: Solanaceae
Native to: Andes mountains of southern Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, western Bolivia, northern Chile
Life cycle: perennial
Flower colour: white
Flower time (Central / West-Europe): Summer to Autumn
Height: 200cm
Characteristics and usage: ornamental, medicinal & poison plant, culinary plant (fruits)
Weight of 1000 seeds: -
Seeds per gram: -
Cultivation / direction of sowing: sow in humid compost at 20-30°C, cover with glass, germination in less than three weeks. Angel's trumpet is frost-tender, keep plants slightly drier in winter at a minimum of some 5°C.


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Brugmansia arborea, Angel trumpet
Brugmansia arborea, Angel trumpet
Brugmansia arborea, Angel trumpet