Heimia salicifolia, Shrubby yellowcrest

Botanical name: Heimia salicifolia
Synonym: Chrysolyga salicifolia, Decodon salicifolius, Ginoria flava, Ginoria syphilitica, Heimia grandiflora, Heimia linariifolia, Heimia salicifolia var. mexicana, Heimia syphilitica, Lythrum flavum, Nesaea linariifolia
Common name: Sinicuichi, shrubby yellowcrest, sun opener, willow-leaf heimia
Family: Lythraceae
Native to: New Mexico, Texas, Mexico, Central- and South America
Life cycle: perennial shrub
Flower colour: yellow
Flower time (Central / West-Europe): -
Height: 200cm
Characteristics and usage: medicinal plant, ritual plant, leaves for shamanic purposes, leaves contain vertine (cryogenine), lyfoline, lythrine, heimidine and lythridine
Weight of 1000 seeds: -
Seeds per gram: -
Cultivation / direction of sowing: all year-round, surface sow at 22-30ºC (72-86°F) in light, germination in less than 1-2 weeks.


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Heimia salicifolia, Shrubby yellowcrest
Heimia salicifolia, Shrubby yellowcrest
Heimia salicifolia, Shrubby yellowcrest